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University of Ghana Tue, 03/05/2019 - 16:34

The Religious Studies Students and Associates (RESSA) of KNUST participated in the 20th Anniversary of the founding of RESAG – UG under the theme: “The Impact of Religion on the Socio–Economic and Political Development of Ghana, the Way Forward” on the 5th to 7th March, 2019.

The debate topic between RESSA – KNUST and RESAG – UG was “Religion as a Latent Source of Conflict and a Threat to National Security and the life of mankind”. The debate was so keen that, the adjudicators found it difficult in declaring the results. Meanwhile, in the minds of the audience RESSA – KNUST was the winner. RESAG – UCC and Islamic University also debated on the topic: “The Strict Adherence to the Religious Faith and Doctrines in the Mission Schools are inimical to the Students of other Faith” of which RESAG – UCC won. Other activities during the anniversary celebration were fun games and motivational talks.