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The Department runs both undergraduate and graduate programmes in Religious Studies: BA, MA, M.Phil and PhD.

In the first and second year of the undergraduate programme students who are admitted to pursue BA Religious Studies study three introductory courses in religion (9 credits) per semester from the Department and take the rest of the courses from their minor departments i.e., History, Political Studies, English, French, Akan, Economics, Sociology and Social Work among others.

In the third and fourth years, and at the graduate level, students pursue studies in religion at the Department of Religious Studies from one of the following areas:

  • African Traditional Religion (ATR)
  • Christianity
  • Islam

Some courses run by the department include the following:

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • The Faith and Practice of Islam
  • Church History
  • Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology of Religion
  • African Traditional Religion
  • Hebrew, Greek, Arabic.
  • Comparative Religions
  • The Bible in African Christianity
  • Religion and Environment
  • Religious Pluralism and Cooperation in Ghana
  • Religion and Chieftaincy
  • African Philosophy
  • Religion, Culture and Science
  • Ethics
  • History and Theory and Bible Translation\
  • African Supernatural Beliefs and Practices
  • Church and Society
  • Religion, Culture and Development
  • Mother-Tongue Biblical Hermeneutics

For more information, see the BA, MA/MPhil Programmes Handbooks